After our consultation session, you have obtained favorable responses to your concerns or objections, you have weighed the risks and benefits, you have found the vital information about the doctor in Colombia, you have checked your flight, you have chosen your accommodation, and you have calculated the savings you will make.

If you are about to make the decision to go to Cartagena in Colombia for your dental treatments, cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery or any other medical procedure, it is because you have already evaluated and accepted our proposal or diagnosis that you received.

For us, your decision has not yet been made, because certain important elements must be taken into consideration in order to make concrete your decision to seek treatment in Colombia. Here are the important things to consider:


1. Purchase of the plane ticket

The act of purchasing your plane ticket is clear proof that you will be going to Cartagena for your medical procedure.

We need your copy of your plane ticket to inform the doctor of your arrival and departure to draw up and send us his work plan, which contains the dates and times of the procedures.

In addition, once the work plan is received, we make a copy in your language by sending it to you, and we prepare the transport voucher to coordinate all medical appointments and airport transfers.


2. Free and informed consent

One of the essential points to consider is reading and understanding free and informed consent. We invite you to read our web page and advise you that this information is already written on the diagnosis to remind you.

According to the law in force in Canada and the United States, obtaining free and informed consent before any medical intervention is mandatory. The Civil Code establishes general rules regarding consent to medical care.

Although surgeries and dental treatments are done in Colombia, and the Civil Code is not applicable, it is advisable to follow good practice to allow a patient to be informed of all the possible risks, even if they are. Rare, and obtain their free and informed consent in writing or through the Internet.


3. Reservation of accommodation in Cartagena

We can assist you with choosing your accommodation in Cartagena, as we have lived there for five years and have family and friends living there permanently.

The safe neighbourhoods are near the sea, and they are those of Castillogrande, El Laguito, Bocagrande, Centro, San Diego, Getsemani, Manga, Crespo and Cielo Mar.

We suggest that you let us know before booking a hotel, apartment or room in any other area.


4. Payment for procedures

If a hospital or medical center reservation is required, you must pay 50% of the amount one month before the date of surgery. The final balance must be paid one day before the first medical procedure.

To avoid paying bank charges, withdrawal fees, conversion fees, service fees or any other fees, we have put in place a simple and secure way to pay for our services.

Just make Interac transfers to our account in Canada (by credit card or debit card) and we electronically transfer the doctor’s fees in pesos with the highest conversion rate on the market.


5. Colombian formalities

To enter and leave Colombia, you must fill in your tourist information online less than 24 hours before your arrival and departure on the website of CheckMig which is in English, French and Spanish.

For more details on the laws and rules of Colombia, we can answer all your questions.

If you need a PCR test for Covid or any other request to return to your country, do not hesitate to tell us.


6. Arrival in Cartagena

Upon your arrival at Cartagena Airport (Rafael Nuñez) and departure, our private driver Richard and your guide will be waiting for you to transport you to your accommodation.

Richard and the attendant will bring you and return you to your hotel for transportation from your hotel to medical appointments.

If you require information for any other transportation, Richard is always available to assist you.