We are committed to the well-being, safety and overall satisfaction of our patients. That is why our services go beyond surgeries and medical treatments to ensure that all of our patients are cared for and treated by doctors and medical specialists with a positive history.

We understand that no matter where you are treated in the world, medical treatments always carry a certain level of risks and complications.

Thus, our goal and commitments to our patients are to exercise due diligence to ensure the best possible medical results and a peaceful, comforting and safe travel experience to bear in mind that we are a trusted ally. in Colombia who knows and understands the local medical system and who can help and protect the interests of patients while saving money without compromising the quality of care according to our eight following commitments:


1. Support at all times

Going to Colombia for medical care is not an easy decision to make. Therefore we want to offer you as much information as possible about your medical and stay plan and organization and support in Cartagena, Colombia.


2. Protection of privacy

The information protection personal medical care of our patients is our priority and one of our main commitments. We have implemented numerous internal policies, protocols and specialized technologies to protect and maintain the confidentiality and security of medical information.


3. Certified professionals

Getting treatment in Colombia guarantees certified doctors whose valid medical license and compliance with Colombia’s health laws are verified on government websites.


4. Sanitary compliance

Being a licensed healthcare professional is not enough. Our commitment also ensures treatment by medical clinics and hospitals compliant with Colombia’s international and national health laws, adding a level of health and safety compliance.


5. Certified doctors

The network of health professionals in Colombia, in addition to being licensed and compliant with Colombian health law, are they have certified health professionals by advising in their respective areas of medical practice, including international reference councils and local councils of Colombia.


6. Years of experience

Our group of doctors comprises seasoned healthcare professionals with at least 20 years of relevant experience in their respective medical specialty areas.


7. Reputation and ethics

Getting treatment with us ensures that you are in the best hands that Colombia has to offer. Our group of healthcare professionals are excellent professionals and exceptional caring individuals with high moral character and an excellent reputation among their peers and patients.


8. Patient satisfaction

Our group of healthcare professionals care for and measure patient satisfaction, ensuring that we are constantly improving and can provide the best possible experience for our patients.