The current economic climate and an ageing population have seen health spending increase in Canada and the United States.

This market trend has affected how people approach health care and has also sparked a global movement towards health care travel.

People are now finding that it is much more cost-effective to travel abroad to receive the same health care quality than to stay at home.

For example, a private health center in Colombia offers a hip replacement for $ 15,000, while the same procedure in Canada could cost around $ 40,000. Another example, receiving three root canals with three zirconia crowns costs between $ 8,000 and 9,000% in Canada, but in Colombia, the prices are $ 1,650.

For many people, having an affordable price for medical care Quality in America may seem like something impossible. However, we know this is wrong because we have lived in Cartagena, Colombia before, only to find that this is true.


A free and informed decision

We believe that each patient can find care tailored to their individual needs. We want to educate them with our website to take appropriate carefree and informed decisions carefree and informed decisions to receive quality care at affordable and attractive rates.

For us, informing patients is the cornerstone of our participatory approach to encourage them to take control of their health and not to suffer the dubious and fearful practices of robust health systems that only want a monopoly in this area and thus make people believe to people that no other solution exists apart from them.

There’s a reason millions of patients turn to medical tourism, and our goal is to make it easier for you. Treat in Colombia and save your money without compromising the quality of care.

On average, you can save up to 75% considering the option of going to Cartagena, Colombia, with us.

Anyway, we go there twice a year for 2 to 3 months to visit the in-laws and review the friendships from before.


How can we help you?

Medical Tourism in Colombia facilitates medical trips by connecting with patients, doctors and clinics, organizing the work plan, enabling the stay and accompanying people in Cartagena according to our eight engagements.

This is what our work consists of:


1. Find out about people’s concerns about health care

By first understanding what Canadians and Americans are going through and observing the demand on the Internet, we put our compassion as an absolute priority because wanting to come up with a solution without knowing if a problem exists nonsense and increases the costs. Problems, because money then becomes the priority.


2. Search Cartagena for passionate doctors and dentists

Finding qualified and professional doctors is easy, as most are. However, it is more difficult to find passionate doctors because passion rhymes with compassion.

The doctors on our site are people we have already met in person during our five years living in Cartagena and during our many trips to Colombia. They are always available around the clock and love to come and share meals. Often they will take medication to patients in hotels or share their free time with them.

Therefore, when the unexpected arises, we can always count on them at any time.


3. Compare prices fairly

Our proposed rates of doctors in Colombia are calculated according to several factors to take into account both the patient, the doctor, the competition in Colombia as well as tropical countries to be able to offer patients an attractive alternative because we are aware that travel costs have to be taken into consideration.

When doctors tell us their rates, we already know how much Colombians pay for their private services through our research and studies. If their rates are not in that price range or they are looking to take advantage of the patients coming from Canada or the United States, we send them a document with the rates from Colombia and ask them to revise. Their rates.

Therefore, foreigners pay the same private prices as Colombians. There is no compromise in being fair.


4. Request a consultation by phone, email or virtual

Once you make a consultation request, you have the choice in 3 ways:

  1. Immediately by phone;
  2. Today by form and email;
  3. Later by virtual planning.

We listen to or read your concerns, wishes and expectations. You receive the costs of medical care and the approximate travel and accommodation expenses according to your preferences.

If you have any medical questions, they will be directed to the doctor on the same day, hoping to be answered as quickly as possible. In many situations, we ask you for images to help the doctor write an accurate diagnosis and send it to you once translated.

The doctor also informs us of his suggestions and the tests or examinations required to be done before your arrival. Obviously, without an in-person consultation, the doctor cannot guarantee his diagnosis 100%.

When you buy your plane ticket, we ask the doctor for his work plan to coordinate your appointments and transport.

Regarding payments, if the doctor has to book an operating room, he asks for 50 %. In other cases, no deposit is required, but before each stage of the work, a certain amount must be transferred before ensuring your good faith.


5. It’s not free

Many medical tourism providers say their service is 100% free, and this is a false claim, dishonesty and lacking transparency.

Our rates include our website designer, patient relations, organizer, escort and transporter services which are 10 to 15 %.

If we are not making income for our work, how can we continue our business?